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He is a professional hockey player. She knows nothing about hockey.

Brandon Karlsberg's life is just the way he wants it. He has the hockey career he's always dreamt of, friends he can count on, and dates on tap.

Mallory Lark just wants a once in a lifetime trip to New York City. Losing her best friend on the way there was not in the plan. Now she is alone in a city she knows nothing about.

When she leaves, he tracks her down. When she comes back, he pushes her away. Should love be this complicated?

Puck at First Sight is the perfect hockey romance that will give you all the steam, instant connection, and a very happy ending.

Ghosted - Wrecked Series, Book 8

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Get into the NewYork Sliders universe with James Walker. 

He is a hockey player who wants to make it in the pros. She comes into his life just as it's about to happen.

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